Technologie- und Managementorientierte Betriebswirtschaftslehre (TUM-BWL)

Technische Universität München

Our basic courses include over 10 hours of lessons spread over several days. Due to the current circumstances, all courses are teached in an interactive online classroom environment. Our tutors go into the relevant theories and calculate suitable exercise examples and old exams with you. If you attent the exam trainings, you will also receive a PDF script including the most important topics. It's like a summary of the lecture and the entire content. In Addition you will also receive useful practical examples and exam tips during our courses. Out tutors use materials in their courses which are related to the materials of the university teachers. Besides these courses are made in co-operation with students studying BWL at TUM who passed these courses with an excellent score. This is why our courses are perfectly adapted to the respective lectures and also to the exams at your university.

The best at a glance:
  • Interactive live lessons
  • Top lecturers from your university
  • Guarantee of existence
  • Over 10 hours of lessons including Whats-App support for you final questions
  • Exam-specific, helpful insider learning tips

Kurse, Nachhilfe und Prüfungstraining an der TUM von AthenaStudies. Wirf einen Blick auf unser Kursangebot für den Studiengang Technologie- und Managementorientierte Betriebswirtschaftslehre. Unsere exzellenten Lehrer unterstützen dich in jedem Fach. In Kombination mit unserem hochwertigen Lernmaterial wirst du von ihnen optimal auf deine Prüfung vorbereitet. Gib uns bitte Bescheid, falls du einen Kurs nicht finden solltest!
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